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“Why Your Business Needs a Creative copy/content writer for 2020”

My first love has always been creative expression. The opportunity and space to expand my mind in ways I might not have known has always given me so much motivation when it comes to creating great content and providing my copywriting services.

Without a great copywriter/content writer behind your vision in 2020 you’ll be slippin’ girl 🤦🏽‍♀️

Here are 2 MAIN reasons why you need an awesome copy/content writer to succeed in 2020:

1. We have the flexibility to adapt to any new task you throw at us

Don’t think copywriters and content writers are stuck behind some small desk just waiting to write small blogs, email content or even little blurbs for events in straight, limited ways.. 

Each copywriter/content writer has a bubbling in their stomach ready to burst with new ideas. They each desire and thrive on bringing about fresh content with twists and turns keeping all your customers wanting more from you. In no way am I insinuating that you disrespect any copywriter’s time and boundaries. What I AM saying is we all love a challenge.

Flexibility literally means to bend without becoming easily broken. This concept reminds me of the time I was under pressure to finish a task I had no knowledge of..

My boss at the time wasn’t convinced I should have my job so she would randomly throw things at me to see if I was going to break or bend. 

I remember quickly swallowing my words and doing exactly what she asked me to do and later that company I had to represent off-the-fly only wanted to handle their business with me.

Sometimes the best workers are those who know how to keep bending until they’ve made it to the top-no matter how difficult the call may be.

2. We love to see YOU happy

Any business/brand, individual and church I’ve ever written for brings out different qualities of my writing and I love that. The one feeling that I enjoy the most though, is seeing them excited or happy after they read what I’ve come up with. 

There’s a lot of sweat and hard work that goes into taking on someone’s dream and vision to produce great content for them. Whether I’m creating email templates for their business or simply editing their website portfolio content, until they smile or show some type of excitement for their business I do not feel like I’ve done my job.

So if it’s a matter of brainstorming, finding your voice in the entrepreneurial world, or even just having content written up for you; don’t be shy-give me a try!

It’s time to end off 2020 with a bang-don’t forget, it’s your destiny

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