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3 Creative Ways to Stay Busy While in a Pandemic

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Great day to all!

I thought it best to share here my 3 creative ways to keep busy while going through the recent pandemic:

1. Write out that idea:

We all have had brilliant ideas that came at really bad times. Ideas that just screamed money or influence and unfortunately we didn’t have time to follow through with it.

Being that many of us have a lot more time on our hands I encourage you all to write down that idea/plan/business idea and make it plain. Now you can give real thought to it and build!

Never let procrastination take over your passion-make these last couple of months great by consolidating your biggest desires-you have the capability and time!

2. Watch a Stimulating Video:

You now have an extra couple of hours and what better way than to watch a great video?

It’s no secret most of our learning is visual and we as humans do understand better when we can see things on a whole! So turn on your Netflix and watch a great documentary. Or even an interesting show on your business! YouTube is full of short clips and hours worth of videos as well!

It is to be noted, this is purely for business and not pleasure-a documentary on the first woman copywriter, or even the progression of copywriters from paper to digital marketing, to SEO-let the rabbit hole of truth unwind!

3. Physically Change Your Surroundings:

Now I’ll be honest, this may sound crazy but the messier the space you work in the messier your work may come out...

Cleaning out your work space, living room, bedroom or wherever you’re working right now makes a LARGE difference.

These past couple of months I myself had to get up and tidy things, being that I felt trapped and stuck even when it came to writing. 

Now keep in mind I’m not saying to rearrange your whole bedroom set, however if you feel there are things that have been around for too long, releasing them does give new space and air! 

Lastly ladies and gents-stay safe and remember that these circumstances do not limit our creative minds!

This is our destiny.

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