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What Makes a Great Headline?

Headlines are one of the main factors that will determine if your clients will buy your service’s/products. What every customer is looking for is a smooth guide from the headline, to the meat of the matter all the way to the checkout chart.

So first off, we’ll discuss 3 tips to creating SELL-WORTHY headlines:

1. Use “You” to address your clients

Entrepreneurs and all creatives can agree that making your emails or any content for that matter personable have a higher chance of retaining and keeping clients than coming across generic.

No customer wants to feel like a robot is trying to reach out to them...Using “You” adds comfort to your headline. It adds an identifying moment that’ll draw your ideal clients and bring your audience in.

Our job as creative copywriter’s, is to bring about content that’ll ensure each of your customers feel and hear you talking to them individually through your headlines!

2. Keep it simple

Like I’ve said many times and will ALWAYS say-SIMPLIFY ! Please, do not have a long, drawn-out sentence as your headline. You’re going to want to bring something straight to the point for your client to read and still be interested to continue reading below!

Not sure if you’ve been keeping it simple? Comment below and we’ll get you on the right path by sending a quick email on this tip! Don’t miss out on your destiny.

3. Provide a solution to their problems

Okay okay.. this isn’t the easiest to do right up front however this is the GREATEST tip you could take away from this post! Every potential customer has a problem or pain point. Your job is to solve it. Whether it’s finding the right soap for their extremely dry and sensitive skin, or if they need a whole new wardrobe that sets the tone for the next decade-you as the creative entrepreneur will need to constantly solve this issue. How? By finding the why factor. Customers don’t care what companies are selling. They’re looking for the reason why they should buy it. Why it’s needed for them at that very moment.

As a copywriter for all creative entrepreneurs, helping you create these solutions for all your customers is my utmost pleasure!

Looking for more tips on great headlines? Ready for more tips? Subscribe to my emails and get your headlines in gear-what are you waiting for? Your destiny depends on it✨

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